Rob Anders' Wildrose Leadership Saga Continues: Leaked Letter

National Newswatch obtained a second leaked Rob Anders letter to the Wildrose Party Executive Committee.On Sunday evening, February 8th, some Wildrose friends and supporters arranged for me to meet Broddy Olson, Provincial Director, at his home in Edmonton. Mr. Olson had invited Mark Jacka, Wildrose's Director of Political Operations.Broddy, Mark, and some others and I discussed the current state of Wildrose, its prospects, and about how we could maximize Wildrose's ability to reach out to Alberta voters in the next General Election. It was my very strong impression that Broddy, Mark, and others present were intrigued about many of the ideas and approaches that I put forward. It was an enjoyable exchange and comparison of ideas over some ninety minutes.A copy of the full 3-page letter to the Wildrose executive committee appears below: