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Since 2006 National Newswatch has been the number one place for Canada's political news. National Newswatch attracts engaged Canadians, public policy makers and politicians and staff of all stripes who count on us to deliver the day’s most salient public affairs developments in a simple format. Want to connect with our audience?

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Did you Know?
More than half of National Newswatch visitors arrive directly at our site, with the majority being return visitors. This means our core traffic is not impacted by issues with search engines or social media platforms. Our readers are dedicated and reliable.

Our Advertisers

Organizations, advocates, and businesses of every type, rely on National Newswatch to reach key audiences/decisions makers in government and the media to:

  • Advocate on policy, legislative or regulatory issues (aka, ‘issue advertising’)
  • Highlight the significance of their contributions to Canada’s economy or society
  • Promote CSR/ESG activities (aka, ‘reputation advertising’)
  • Promote upcoming conferences, speeches, releases and other important events
  • Publicize appointments and/or highlight job opportunities
  • Market goods, services and venues relevant to our exclusive audience

Our Opportunities

Our audience is unique, and their value is as equally critical to those who advertise with us. We have packages, take-overs, and sponsorships that deliver your message with high visibility, value, and creativity on a strong and noticeable foundation.

Our opportunities include display banners, email sponsorships and banners, website section sponsorships, high-impact hero banner and video opportunities, sponsored content, and more.


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Advertising on National Newswatch is valuable and an effective component of any advocacy initiative, public awareness campaign, government relations strategy or marketing effort. We would be pleased to develop a customized package to suit your strategy and budget, or help you build a strategy from the ground up, and provide you with our full media + advertising kit with rate card.

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Sizes and Specs

File Types

  • Static: JPG, GIF, GIF
  • Animated: HTML5
  • Max File Size: 150kb
  • Looping: 3 loops or less

File Sizes

  • Medium Rectangle: 300 x 250
  • Leaderboard: 728 x 90
  • Billboard: 970 x 250
  • Half Page Ad: 300 x 600
  • Mobile Leaderboard: 320 x 50

Homepage Hero

  • Banner (sold separately)
  • Video (sold separately)
    File Type: MP4; 1:1 aspect ratio; max 10MB file size

Sponsored Content

  • Text for sponsored content/advertorial story:
    500-1250 words; 650-800 recommended.
  • Images for sponsored content/advertorial story:
    Include hi-resolution images;
    National Newswatch will resize appropriately for publication on web and social media. 1 image required; 2 recommended.


  • Newsletter banner:
    Static; JPG/PNG/GIF; 600×200; max 150kb
  • Newsletter advertorial text block (Included with Newsletter Sponsorship package):
    40-75 words. 60 words recommended.
  • Logo files for section and newsletter sponsorships:
    Static; JPG/PNG/GIF; minimum 500px width (will be resized when published); max 150kb