Trudeau should be at action stations, not calling radio stations

  • National Newswatch

“Is that coffee I smell, or Liberal arrogance?” The words of legendary Toronto Star reporter, Richard “The Badger” Brennan, as he mounted the bus on some long-forgotten election campaign, elicited chuckles from his colleagues but horror from Liberal staffers.Arrogance is kryptonite to the members of Canada's self-appointed natural governing party.Justin Trudeau has enjoyed remarkable good fortune to this point — playing the part of a middle-class everyman, able to preach about the benefits of hard work and saving, without being penalized because his parents did the latter for him.But first there was cash for access and now there is the trip to Bell Island in the Bahamas, as a guest of the Aga Khan.The prime minister has worked hard and he deserved a break over the holidays.