Governments can end homelessness during this pandemic — and keep it that way

  • National Newswatch

If this global pandemic has shown us anything, it's what's most important to us. Some of us have been powering through self-isolation by making frequent calls to our loved ones. Others, fortunate to have solid internet connections, have been binge-watching shows or learning new skills from video tutorials. Others still have mobilized networks of mutual support, attending to our friends' (or our own) job precarity and income loss. However, without question, the most essential things in our lives have proven to be food and shelter. Access to free, quality healthcare—and perhaps reliable communications, such as a phone, radio or the internet—have also been crucial. But this crisis—obliging us to “stay home”—has undoubtedly prompted a collective reminder of what constitutes the bare living essentials, staples that the most vulnerable of populations have only transient access to.