How well is the government meeting its diversity targets? An intersectionality analysis

  • National Newswatch

With the latest Employment Equity report, we now have six years of data that provides a breakdown of visible minority and Indigenous groups, as well as gender. The data shows that representation of visible minorities has been increasing at a faster rate than the non-visible minority and non-Indigenous (NVMIP) public servant population. However, Indigenous representation, with the exception of Inuit, has experienced a slight decline. The proportion of women in the public service continues to rise across most visible minority and Indigenous groups. The government's commitment in the 2020 Speech from the Throne to implement an action plan to increase representation in hiring, appointments, and leadership development within the public service is being fulfilled.The elimination of the Canadian citizenship preference in public service hiring had a small but notable effect in 2022, almost doubling compared to the average of the previous five years.Based on the 2016 census data, the workforce availability for all employees is 17.2 percent, while it is 11.2 percent for executives.