The 10 most expensive years for weather, natural disaster in Canada: insurance bureau

OTTAWA — These are the 10 most expensive years for natural disasters in Canada as measured by insurance payouts, adjusted for inflation in 2022. This data is from the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

1. 2016, $5.96 billion

Notable event: Fort McMurray wildfire

2. 2013, $3.87 billion

Notable events: Floods in Alberta, Greater Toronto Area; Toronto ice storm

3. 2022, $3.4 billion

Notable events: Hurricane Fiona; wildfires

4. 2023, $3.13 billion

Notable events: B.C. wildfires; Nova Scotia floods

5. 1998, $2.83 billion

Notable event: Eastern Canada ice storm

6. 2021, $2.48 billion

Notable events: Calgary hailstorm; B.C. floods

7. 2020, $2.46 billion

Notable events: Fort McMurray flood; Calgary hailstorm

8. 2018, $2.4 billion

Notable events: Ottawa−area tornado; New Brunswick flash floods

9. 2011, $1.97 billion

Notable events: Slave Lake, Alta., wildfire

10. 2012, $1.65 billion

Notable event: Calgary rainstorm

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Jan. 8, 2024.

The Canadian Press


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