Day after Trump win in Iowa, Trudeau says U.S. faces choice between optimism, retreat

  • Canadian Press

MONTREAL — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says voters in the United States will face a choice later this year between optimism for the future or nostalgia for a past that never existed.

Trudeau made the comments in Montreal today to a business crowd in reference to Donald Trump’s victory Monday in the Iowa Republican caucuses, which gives the former president an early lead for the Republican nomination ahead of the November election.

The prime minister says a second Trump presidency would be difficult for the Canadian government, as there are many issues on which he and former president disagree.

On Monday, a majority of Iowa Republican supporters said they back Trump’s “Make America Great Again” movement.

Though he didn’t mention Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre by name, Trudeau said Canadians will face a similar choice to American voters when they head to the polls.

Trudeau cast himself as a defender of optimism and stability, saying voters will have to chose between his approach or anger and fear.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Jan. 16, 2024.

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