Economics, affordability top agenda as Liberal cabinet meets in Montreal

  • Canadian Press

OTTAWA — Officials say Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be putting a big emphasis on policies that help Canada’s middle class as he prepares to chair a cabinet retreat in Montreal over the next three days.

His governing team kicks off the retreat tonight with a working dinner, followed by two full days of meetings preparing for the House of Commons to resume sitting next week.

His spokespeople say the biggest emphasis initially will be on affordability measures, including the need to stabilize food prices and government programs like the $10−a−day national child−care initiative now moving into its third year.

The child care program is one of Trudeau’s signature policies and is heavily touted by the government as a positive for women’s participation in the workforce and economic growth.

But there are some provinces turning back to Ottawa looking for additional funding as inflation has raised costs for daycare operators faster than government funding has kept up.

Economics and affordability, including housing costs and supply, will form the main focus of the retreat over the first day, with global politics and the upcoming election in the United States on tap for Tuesday.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Jan. 21, 2024.

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