Halifax asks residents at 5 homeless encampments to leave, says better options exist

  • Canadian Press

HALIFAX — The Halifax Regional Municipality is telling residents at five of 11 authorized homeless encampments they’re going to have to leave.

The city said in a statement today it’s removing the special designations that permitted unhoused people to set up tents in the encampments, including one located at downtown Halifax’s Grand Parade.

The statement says people sheltering at these parks will be asked to leave by Feb. 26.

The municipality says it is closing the encampments because they pose a safety risk, and there are now "better options" in place.

Nova Scotia recently opened a $3 million, 50−bed emergency shelter that some unhoused residents say is worse than staying in a tent due to a lack of privacy and security.

In October, the Halifax Regional Municipality designated 11 sites around the city as tenting areas for people without housing.

As of Jan. 30, there were 1,112 people that self−reported as being actively homeless in the Halifax area, and Nova Scotia says there are 255 shelter beds in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Feb. 7, 2024.

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