Health Canada to completely ban use of strychnine poison by September

  • Canadian Press

Health Canada says it plans to completely ban strychnine after completing public consultations on use of the powerful poison.

The announcement was made in a conference call between Health Canada officials and stakeholder groups, monitored by The Canadian Press.

The official announcement is expected Thursday.

Strychnine is sometimes used as a wildlife management tool and has been used in Alberta to control wolf populations.

During the call, an official with the Pest Management Regulatory Agency said all uses of the poison will be illegal by Sept. 7.

Registrations of products containing the poison will be cancelled as of Thursday.

The decision came after an official reconsideration of a ruling originally released in 2022 that would have allowed some continued use of strychnine.

Animal welfare groups applauded the decision on the toxin, which many consider cruel as well as a threat to non−target animals.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published March 6, 2024.

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