Two-day Indigenous identity fraud summit to kick off in Winnipeg

  • Canadian Press

OTTAWA — A two−day summit beginning in Winnipeg today will hear from Indigenous leaders across the country on how they’re reacting to — and can come together to fix — what they call Indigenous identity fraud.

Co−hosted by the Manitoba Métis Federation and the Chiefs of Ontario, the summit will also include Inuit and Innu leaders who have raised concerns about the topic in their respective jurisdictions.

One of the topics up for discussion is Bill C−53, a federal piece of legislation that seeks to formally recognize Métis governments in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

The bill is hotly contested by the Manitoba Métis Federation and the  Chiefs of Ontario, who say the inclusion of Métis Nation of Ontario  threatens their rights — and who question the validity of the  organization altogether.

Métis Nation of Ontario president Margaret Froh requested a speaking role at the summit, but as of Monday her organization was not on the list.

Beyond Métis in Ontario, the summit will also hear about "illegitimate and shifting claims to Indigeneity" in Eastern Canada, according to Inuit and Innu leaders.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 14, 2024.

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