Alex Binkley

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Railway strike looms next month

Canadian supply chains need improvement

Federal plan to reduce transport bottlenecks lacks performance reports
Product of U.S. meat label could disrupt cross-border trade
Grocery companies need to sign the code of conduct, MPs say
Senate committee needs to carefully examine supply management bill
Amended fuel tax exemption bill has real cost for farmers, PBO says
Senate looking at ways to save farmland from urban sprawl
Ottawa boosting funding for food price increase investigations
Lobb launches push to get his farm carbon tax exemption bill finally approved
It’s time to update the Barton report, CAPI says
UK attempt to blame Canada for cheese tariffs are misleading
Proposed plastics registry could become another burden for fruit and vegetable growers
Farmers everywhere need financial help to adopt green practices
Need for Grocery Code is urgent

Need for Grocery Code is urgent

Parliamentarians will be hearing plenty from farmers on the Carbon Tax.

Agriculture committee calls for flexibility in livestock transport

Gov­ern­ments need to work togeth­er to improve the trans­porta­tion rules